Personifying Nigerian's Drinking Culture on Digital

Client BarMan
Industry Retail - Liquor Store

About Client

The name BarMan comes from the Nigerian term for Bartender. BarMan is a unique and "one-of-its-kind" retail liquor store in Yaba, Lagos. No one else comes close to the quality and experience in product or services. Barman's brand works so well because it's familiar and its connotation is very well understood amongst the locals and directly associated with liquor services.


The major aim is to make BarMan, the chosen Brand when it comes to everything and anything related to distilled spirits and drinks.

  • To register more walk-ins at BarMan Stores followed by business from product partners are also in the offing.
  • Through Digital Marketing, people would come to know that BarMan has got the best brands at the best market price.
  • People will be reminded of what they deserve. It will be a constant reminder that we will offer the best for the best.

Our Solution

When you walk into a Bar, You ask for the BarMan. When you want results, You ask for DMTCA. We crafted a unique digital marketing strategy for Barman by identifying the gap in the retail industry especially in the liquor category, Segmenting target audience, highlighting behavioral patterns, developing owned media assets to appeal to our demographic and using paid media to complement our creative assets.

Integrated Channels

E commerce Website

Social Media Management

Social Paid Campaigns

Paid Media – Display, Social and Search

Store Traffic Campaign

Influencer Management

Conversion Rate Optimization

Carousel Ad


We raised the Bar with BarMan by creating optimized ecommerce website , beautiful social media content and strategically placed media promotions. Here's what we've achieved in the last 1 year.

Unique Reach










People directed to store


New Facebook Fans


New Instagram Fans


Lower Cost Per Acquisition


Sales out of $2.3k spent


Total Media Spent


Social Media

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