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Client Interswitch
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About Client

Interswitch is an Africa-focused integrated digital payments and commerce company that facilitates the electronic circulation of money as well as the exchange of value between individuals and organisations on a timely and consistent basis.The Interswitch group is divided into sub-brands: Quickteller, Quickteller Business, Verve, Quickteller Paypoint, and InterswitchSPAK(Their National science competition for secondary school students).


Interswitch group approached us seeking to improve communication across its five brands. For Quickteller, the brand needed us find a unique way to communicate with its consumers and target audience.

Quickteller Paypoint, on the other hand, needed to promote its benefits in a relatable language (pidgin) to reach and get the attention of its target audience.

Quickteller business needed help improving its communication on its products and services and increasing brand engagement across all digital platforms.

Verve, another Interswitch group brand, aimed to create top-of-the-mind awareness with engaging content and push the Verve card as a card of choice to their target audience.

Lastly, InterswitchSPAK aimed to improve its communication in educating students and engaging them via its social media pages.

Our Solution

Through Creative Copywriting and excellent creative execution, DMTCAgency has been able to get the brand message across, increase Quickteller's brand awareness, and promote brand engagement with its target audience.

After Observing Quickteller Paypoint's USPs, we have presented the brand ideals to the target audience. We have also communicated efficiently with existing users using engaging and interactive content.

With the help of strategic media planning and creative social media content, we leveraged Quickteller Business' USPs to create unique products and engaging ads that increased the brand's engagement and reach across the country.

After careful strategic considerations, we created awareness-driven content for Verve.

Lastly, for Interswitch SPAK, We created engaging and educational social media content and leveraged digital marketing to increase the brand's engagement and reach across all digital platforms.


Social Media Strategy

Creative Content Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Digital Paid Media Ads


We have switched up the brand visually by improving communication and increasing their reach and engagement.

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