Digitally we uphold a global brand’s idea to nourish families with tasty meal options

Client Kellogg's
Industry FMCG - Food & Beverages

About Client

Kellogg's is a global FMCG biggie. For Liberia, Gambia & Cameroon, we were assigned to amplify the top-of-mind awareness for Kellogg's Noodles and Coco Pops.


With Kellogg's Noodles & Coco Pops, the global giant wanted to enter every household in Liberia, Gambia, Cameroon & Sierra Leone. Riding high on taste, convenience & affordability, the client wanted to see the products among the most-loved brands of West Africa. Kellogg's primary target audience is mothers and children. Mothers take decisions for kids & if kids like something during their impressionable stage in their lives, they love it forever. People were aware of the category, but they didn't have much qualitative options. Kellogg's wanted to fill the gap and be a category leader.

Our Solution

We created a comprehensive social media content & media strategy. We launched Kellogg's on two key social media platforms- Instagram and Facebook- highlighting on two main pillars- product & engagement.

With our on-point targeting, reach & engagement strategies, our results were comprehensive since we started. By utilizing fan acquisition, post engagement & other calculated topical campaigns, we were able to reach a plethora of interested customers, which ultimately results in driving sales.


Social Media Management

Social Paid Campaigns

Influencer Management

Social Media Ads


From the very beginning, we tried our best to reach our KPIs & create an impression among the population in Gambia and Liberia and later Cameroon. In the last 1 year, with various engagement and media tactics, we leveraged both the household brands-Kellogg�s Noodles and Coco Pops.

Unique Reach

2.4 M+


11.3 MN+


1.1 MN+

Lower CPM


New Facebook Fans


Reached Gambia & Liberia social
media population

Over 80 %

Media Spent

$4 K

Social Media

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