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Our team

A multi-disciplinary team of creators.

Would they be daring, friendly, fun, brave, detailed and most of all creative in their approach to work and challenges presented to them? We had an important choice to make in shaping and growing our global business. To us, an experienced team of professionals of varying backgrounds was key to our success, a feat we achieved. Together, we analyze our clients’ business challenges and thoroughly dissect them to provide impactful solutions.

WORK — is the most democratic of all arts.

2015 Year


The Boss

Poochie is the boss, no questions asked. When she’s not spending her valuable time with her loyal human employees from under her numerous desk offices, she is most likely discussing company policy and strategy with her assistants Bone and Ball who are indispensable to her work at DMTCAgency. Being one of just a handful of canines in the business world, Poochie is a shining example to other canines that they indeed can be man’s best friend and boss.


Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Ankush is our Chief Growth Officer at DMTCAgency handling an impressive amount of tasks on a daily and we still wonder just how he does it all! His journey in Africa started over 6 years ago with WPP-Scangroup in Kenya but he soon set off to establish successful businesses in Ghana and Nigeria for Ogilvy. He’s a devoted father, husband, student of life and ardent technology buff just to name a few, not to mention his love for basketball and good storytelling in movies and series are just some of the other things that make Ankush truly amazing and delightful to always have a conversation with. Ask him how to make a brand successful on digital and sit back and tell us if you’re not impressed with what he has to say.

2016 Year
2017 Year


Digital Brand Manager

Olamide Oshinaya’s name has a ring to it doesn’t it? As a Digital Brand Manager, he’s all about making sure his brands are looked after with the same passion and intensity he puts into football! Olamide likes to play video games, listen to music and thinks a bit of fun mixed with compassion and contentment can go a long way in living our best lives.


Creative Lead

A lot can be said about Richard. For one thing he loves art and photography. He never considers a loss a sign of defeat, he keeps it moving until he achieves his goal at stake. All these attributes make Richard our go to guy when the going gets tough and you can bet he delivers. As Creative Lead for DMTCA's Ghana office, Richard fulfills his role based on his understanding of what makes people appreciate good art and great design.

2016 Year
2017 Year


Strategy and Account Lead

Aside from sharing last names with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Triumph definitely has the grit and determination to match. He’s a football buff, skilled mental gamer and people person. Having such qualities makes Triumph a natural born leader and as Strategy and Account Lead, he definitely fits into those shoes comfortably. Ask Triumph what’s important to him and he’ll tell you family, food and music and we think that’s a good and healthy dynamic to have.


Digital Brand Manager

Ever calm and up to speed, Salma cultivated an intense love for reading, music, anime and best of all food from a young age. Her unique blend of interests were a driving force in her quest to seek out more knowledge and understanding. Digital Brand Manager at DMTCA by day, she makes sure brands under her are kept in tiptop shape. You can catch Salma at DMTCA from Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm.

2016 Year
2015 Year


Creative Lead

Happiness, motivation, friendship and positive vibes are very familiar and defining words of Folarin Badejo. As a Creative Designer you can bet he has an enviable plethora of visual knowledge and understanding when it comes to his work. He also has a great sense of music and a soft spot for food. So just in case you ever need a favour, be sure your request comes with some good music and some good food.


Digital Brand Manager

Having a flair for poetry and a love for reading more books in a month than most would read in a year, Victoria Enyonam Modey is one cool Digital Brand Manager. She’s big on honesty, hardwork, critical thinking and proper planning which greatly benefits her role. Thankfully she also knows how to have a good time because as we know, all work and no play just doesn’t feel right.

2016 Year
2015 Year


Digital Media & Performance Lead

Ayo has an understanding of technology that would even impress Tony Stark. Being so inclined, he is able to effectively move around in the digital world as a Digital Media Specialist. When he’s not being awesome, you’ll find him exploring a gadget, watching movies, football, playing video games and finding out about the latest in tech news.


Strategy and Creative Consultant

Full of happiness and love, Ratnalekha Mazumdar is one astounding Content and Strategy Lead who infuses her brands with more life and direction. To Ratna work is serious business and so is having a good time. Ratna’s so giving she’ll share her trusty recipe for staying healthy mentally and physically to anyone when asked. She says video-calling with family, dancing, thin-crust pizza, good wine and music, travelling, learning something new everyday, never losing hope and staying in touch with best friends are the ingredients to her recipe and disposition on life.

2016 Year
2015 Year


Growth Executive - West Africa

Trust us, Adeshakin's infectious smile is just a fraction of what makes her an awesome Digital Growth Executive and person. She has a good working knowledge of the digital landscape across many demographics and countries. Though our Digital Growth Executive, she is so much more, her content creation skills allow her to have a better understanding of the creative process and paired with her valuable human relation skills, she can effectively see ideas brought to life when the need arises. , She loves frolicking on the beach and basking in the warmth of the sun's rays and says her goals drive her to be a better version of herself every day.


Content and Production Lead

David is a lot of things such as a photographer and basketball player but he likes to go by Content and Strategy Lead at DMTCA. Some would say he considers himself a critical thinker when it comes to the way he goes about telling his brands stories, others would say he can be pretty fun and full of energy in the office. He loves to play basketball for fun, practice yoga, watch lots of comedy series on Netflix when he can find the time and read books.

2016 Year
2015 Year


Digital Motion Designer

Have a conversation with Sardique and you’ll know he has good ideas. Spend some time looking at his work and you’ll know he’s a really skilled UI/Graphics and Motion Designer. Ask Sardique what he likes to do for fun and he’ll tell you watch movies and play video games. What we can tell you without having to ask is that he’s always open to corrections and new ideas to push his work to greater heights.



As a Content Strategists, Olajumoke Jegede constantly needs to soak up information. She’ll tell you herself, Google is her best friend because it has some of the answers her inquisitive mind needs. Naturally, watching movies, YouTube and listening to music are a given. So is expert navigation through social media. A bit of an introvert, she loves to listen and observe, two skills essential to her kind of work.

2016 Year
2015 Year


Graphic Designer

Andy doesn’t talk much but that’s ok, he lets his work do most of the talking. As our junior designer, he is all about perfecting what he does and for that he gets an A for effort and hardwork. Andy loves playing video games and watching movies when he is not creating awesome content. When asked what defines him, he says his passion for music defines him so that tells us he’s all about good vibes!


Financial Controller

Tijani Rasheed is the numbers guy! He astutely and impeccably controls DMTCAgency finances. He’s also a documentary buff and loves to watch sports, read comics and watch nothing but awesome films. His powers of observation and analysis are revered amongst us in the office and let’s not even get started on how hardworking he is. To be honest, Tijani is that guy you want for his ability to run your finances like a well oiled engine but we’re not sharing him.

2016 Year
2015 Year


UI & UX Designer

Senam is an adventurer by heart and just a really nice guy in person. It would take a while to list the skills in his basket but we will say he is a master of coding, graphic designing and web designing to name just a few. When Senam is not being the competent individual that he is, you’ll find him tending to the adventurous side of him, travelling to various serene and peaceful locations in Ghana and around the world and just living his life to its fullest.


Digital Media Executive

Babatunde’s eyes is always on the goal ahead. Sometimes we wonder just how he does what he does. Being a digital media intern, he is quite adept at his craft and for that he deserves a medal not only for that but for his teamwork, calm personality, kind heart and above all his positive and fluid mindset.

2016 Year
2015 Year


Growth Executive - International

Say hello to Gloria our Digital Growth Manager. Personally we think the only thing that rivals Gloria's work ethic and strategic prowess is her proficiency at scrabble. Always open to a good chat with just about anyone, she is a true marketer with quite an extensive marketing network. Business driven by default, Gloria is a goal-getter we’re more than happy to have on our team.


Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

We are quite certain it takes a while to find someone remarkably updated on what’s going on in the business world. Altaf is the man, he’s the Co-Founder of DMTCA and also our Chief Finance Officer.
When he is not following the numbers and making sense of figures we’re better off not trying to understand, he is travelling around the world.
Having such a broad understanding of the world, he is one enlightened family man with a good heart which he extends to anyone lucky enough to be mentored by him and don’t even get us started on his impressive work experience spanning over 2 decades in Africa alone.

2016 Year